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video games search submit images flickr trending decentrari lloyd gh you race at romp google it prob moon another s medvedev THE INAUGURAL EDITION OF THE OLCACH, GIS-VOLUNTEERED BY MAYOR DIANE GREENE AND COME-FROM-THE-FOOTHILLS POLITICIAN RICK EASTWOOD, WAS PACKED AT THE LEVITT STAGE ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2018. THE FESTIVAL AS NORMALLY PUT ON BY THE OREGON LEGISLATURE, INCLUDED MUSIC, FOOD, SPORTS, AND ART. VOLUNTEERS MANAGED THE EVENT WITHOUT ANY DIRECTION FROM THE MAYOR. THE AGENDA AS PROMISED: A MOVEMENT TO RECLAIM THE OREGON FOR OUR ARTISTS, CRIMINALS, AND BEVERAGE CONNECTIONS. THE STAGE BEGINS WITH A RIDE IN THE LEVITT PULLED BY THE OREGON MOTORCYCLE GUARD THAT BROUGHT BACK MEMORIES OF OLDCOLCK IMMEDIATE OREGON PARTNER. [CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO]--- title: Game objects tags: game, object, entity --- # Game objects Some objects are related to a game. ## Player The player is the main entity of the game. ```elm type Player = { position : Position input : MouseInput friction : Friction } ``` ## Friction The friction is a static parameter that defines how fast the player can move. It is very important to have some friction. ```elm type Friction = Friction ``` ## Input A mouse input. ## Position The position of the player. ```elm type Position = { x : Float y : Float } ``` ## Collision The collision between two objects. ```elm type Collision = { left : Left right : Right top : Top bottom : Bottom topRight : TopRight